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Promotional Bulk SMS service provider in Punjab

In Punjab we provide Promotional Bulk SMS services. If you are searching for Promotional Bulk SMS Service provider company for Promotional Bulk SMS in Punjab then you are in right place. Now if you have some queries like how to promote any business or organization through Promotional Bulk SMS services in Punjab answer is just call us at +91 9893122220. We provide web based White label panel for sending Promotional Bulk SMS in Punjab. Get six character Alpha Sender ID Promotional Bulk SMS services in Punjab. You can send Promotional Bulk SMS with Sender ID or you can say with your Brand Name from our Promotional Bulk SMS panel in Punjab. Get auto approval of Promotional Bulk SMS Sender ID services in Punjab. In Punjab maximum Schools and Colleges are using our Promotional Bulk SMS services for admission campaigns. If we look at Real Estate sector of Punjab we are the first choice for promoting their Plots, Flats, Apartments or Properties through our Promotional Bulk SMS service. Major Tour operators are our clients now for promoting their tour packages with our Promotional Bulk sms services in Punjab. Get Promotional Bulk SMS service without template approvals. If you have any billing software or application we can provide our Bulk SMS API's for sending SMS alerts or reminders through your existing software in Punjab. Our Excel plug-in software can send multiple Promotional SMS with variable words in Punjab. is No.1 Promotional Bulk SMS Service Provider in Punjab. Our Promotional SMS panel supports maximum regional languages to send Bulk Promotional SMS in Punjab. Our specialization in multi language supporting Promotional Bulk SMS panel service provider with Sender ID in Punjab. If your query is which is the company who provides 100% delivery of Promotional Bulk SMS in Punjab then you are at right place. Our Promotional Bulk SMS services are using by MLM companies and Political Leaders also for Election campaign or Chunav prachar to reach your voters directly through SMS in Punjab. How to send Promotional Bulk SMS to your contacts or in a group, then you just require our Promotional Bulk SMS Services and a PC or Laptop with Internet connection to send Promotional Bulk SMS in Punjab. We give complete web solutions for sending Promotional Bulk SMS through Internet in Punjab. You can ask for our Promotional Bulk SMS Reseller option also to resell our Promotional SMS services to your clients with your brand name and logo, Promotional Web sms service provider in Punjab, promotional sms sending software through internet provider in Punjab, Institute promotional sms service provider in Punjab, SMS sending software companies in Punjab, bulk sms sending software through excel provider in Punjab, group sms sending software in Punjab.

We SandeshWala also doing Wedding/Event SMS in Punjab
Where the wedding day is all about celebration and enjoyment of every virtue a thing which adds sparkling stars to this lifetime event are your guests. As the hustle bustle of today's life doesn't allow you to invite the valuable friends colleges and relatives personally, apart from dropping cards in your dear ones place allure them by sending a text that includes the timings and venue place of each virtue that will arrive on their mobile an hour or two before the function time. This will give them a personal touch and feel too and mumble to them silently that their presence means a lot to you.
We SandeshWala understand that during wedding/events you have so many chaos and you were facing lack of time in your hefty schedule. Best school sms system Punjab, Instead of doing all texting by yourself leave the worries to us just by sharing the text content, timing, venue, guest contact details and date and we will do all this on behalf of you. And all what you do is address your guests, enjoy their company and design lifetime memories with dear one's on Wedding Day!

Promotional Bulk SMS for Promotion / Publicity or Alert services is become most popular in Punjab because it was the cheapest solution from other mediums of Advertisement. Our Promotional Bulk SMS Marketing solution helps you to send Promotional SMS in Punjab. You can send Bulk Promotional SMS with your brand name as MM-(Your-Brand-Name) of 6 character alpha only in Punjab. SandeshWala provides promotional SMS with unlimited validity also. SandeshWala provides bulk sms service in Punjab with DND filter in Promotional Bulk SMS to avoid any legal problems.

Below are the SMS services which we provide in Punjab, INDIA.

Bulk SMS service Provider in Punjab, INDIA.
Promotional Bulk SMS service provider in Punjab, INDIA.
Transactional Bulk SMS service provider in Punjab, INDIA.
Long Code service provider in Punjab, INDIA.
Voice SMS service provider in Punjab, INDIA.
Sender ID Promotional SMS service provider in Punjab, INDIA.
SMS Excel plug-in software provider in Punjab, INDIA.
SMS APIs service provider in Punjab, INDIA.
Bulk SMS Reseller Panel service provider in Punjab, INDIA.
Bulk SMS Pricing
l. Transactional SMS
Transaction SMS is used for sending alert sms to the recipient. Marketing content is strictly prohibited.
Transactional SMS service is mainly used for direct interaction between business & consumer.
TRAI introduced this category to limit the unsolicited communication.
The content of SMS decides its category, usually transactional SMS are such messages that contain informative content: like banks update to their registered customers about transaction, updating about account balance etc.

Transactional Bulk SMS Features:

  • Sender I'd of Six letter alphabets only - for example: TD-UnionB
  • No time limitation 24x7 Delivery.
  • Contact management.
  • API.
  • Quick delivery reports.
  • Send SMS in English or any Indian regional languages.
  • Schedule your SMS for future Date & Time.
  • Instant delivery.
  • Unlimited Validity.
  • SMS will deliver on DND numbers.

Enterprise SMS Solutions: Web / API based SMS platform, Which allows you to communicate with large target audience through our SMS channel.
Reach thousands of you're customers, suppliers, employees, within seconds and inform them about ongoing events, alerts, informations, reminders and etc.
A: Transactional Route
No. of SMS Price per SMS (INR) Amount Action
1,000 0.40ps Rs.400
5,000 0.30ps Rs.1,500
10,000 0.20ps Rs.2,000
25,000 0.16ps

50,000 0.14ps Rs.7,000
1,00,000 0.12ps Rs.12,000
5,00,000 0.10ps Rs.50,000

B: OTP Route:- All SMS will get delivered within 120 seconds.
8Seconds is all it takes for an Internet User to decide and leave a website.
Imagine what happens when a One-Time-Password service fails!
No. of SMS Price per SMS (INR) Amount Action
1,000 0.50ps Rs.500
5,000 0.40ps Rs.2,000
10,000 0.35ps Rs.3,500
25,000 0.30ps Rs.7,500
50,000 0.20ps Rs.10,000
1,00,000 0.16ps Rs.16,000
5,00,000 0.12ps Rs.60,000

For high volume requirements, please email: [email protected] or Call Us: +919893122220

2. Promotional SMS
SMS which is used for Marketing or Promotions is called Promotional SMS. Promotional Bulk SMS is one of the cheapest marketing solution.
You can spred your band, product or any offer within a second in a single click.
SMS Marketing used for Brand Promotion, Product Marketing, Genaral Awareness, Event Publicity, Vote Appeal or Election Campaign etc. offers an ideal Promotional Bulk SMS service to your business which can directly generate sales and leads for your organization.
A promotional message is a gateway to drive crazy benefits for your brand.
All what matters is the content you send to your audience to educate them about you're offer, product or services.
We believe that Promotional SMS works as a bingo to brands. Our dedicated team of professionals considers all such points and helps you in best possible way to make your messaging campaign a big hit for your business.

Promotional Bulk SMS Features:
  • Sender I'd of Six letter alphabets only - for example: TD-MyiMsg
  • Contact management.
  • Quick delivery reports.
  • API.
  • Send SMS in English or any Indian regional languages.
  • Schedule your SMS for future Date & Time.
  • Instant delivery.
  • Time limitation : 9 AM to 9 PM.
  • No delivery on DND numbers.
  • Free database support from 1 lakh or above packages only. ( We don't provide any confirmation or authenticity of the database)
  • Unlimited Validity.

No. of SMS Credit Price/SMS (INR) Amount Action
1,000 0.30ps Rs.300
5,000 0.20ps Rs.1,000
10,000 0.18ps Rs.1,800
25,000 0.16ps Rs.4,000
50,000 0.12ps


1,00,000 0.10ps Rs.10,000

5,00,000 0.09ps Rs.45,000

For high volume requirements, please email: [email protected]
or Call Us: +91 9893122220

3. Bulk Voice Call Pricing
1 Voice Call Credit = 30 sec call
Voice Call Credit Slabs Price Per Voice Call in (INR) Amount Action
1,000 0.60ps Rs.6,00
5,000 0.50ps Rs.2,500
10,000 0.45ps Rs.4,500
25,000 0.40ps Rs.10,000
50,000 0.35ps Rs.17,500
1,00,000 0.25ps Rs.25,000
3,00,000 0.20ps Rs.60,000
5,00,000 0.18ps Rs.90,000

Bank Payment Details

Payment Methods
1.  RTGS / NEFT / Bank to Bank fund transfers.
2.  You can transfer amount via Cash deposit / Net Banking / Cheque / Demand Draft / Payorder to the below mentioned
account details.

Bank Account Details:-
Bank Name :- Union Bank of India
Bank A/c No :- 438101010292112
RTGS/NEFT/IFSC Code :- UBIN0543811
Account Type :- Current Account

Drop us a email at [email protected] providing your deposit details for faster account activations.

Promotional Bulk SMS Provider in Punjab
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