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About Sandeshwala

SandeshWala is a value driven company in the field of Bulk Promotional SMS, Bulk Transactional SMS, Bulk Voice Call, Long Code service provider in all over India. is one of the leading Bulk SMS service provider company in INDIA since 2009, with Over 4000 successful presentations & over 2000 plus happy customers / client across diverse industries in entire INDIA.
We are a positive company strongly looking forward with Strong Service Expertise, Extensive Technology Skills, Process Focus, Speed and Innovation enable us to provide value-added, high quality Bulk SMS solutions to our customers.

At SandeshWala we aim further than providing solutions that impact business, we aim to change the way you do business.
Together the opportunities are infinite - "DISCOVER what we can do for you!"


With a clear focus and objective of making technology work for people, SandeshWala is a pure technical company driven by Values.
We are a company with a clear vision of what we are and where we are heading.

Our Mission:

To make technology work for the benefits.

Our Vision:

Empowering people and generating trust for BULK SMS.

Our Office: is based in three states Mumbai, Kerala & Chhattisgarh. Serving Bulk SMS Services in all over INDIA.